Super Cheesy Burgers with Onions using the triple T method

It took 2,427 days… and a global pandemic for me to get back to writing the next Erik Eats post. This one won’t disappoint. 

I love using simple ingredients with great technique to create something special. That is what I’ve got for you here. We’ve all made hamburgers at home, but I’ve got a simple twist to take your burgers to the next level. Four ingredients and a new technique = Absolute Magic! 

My buddy JR told me about how he wraps hotdogs in tinfoil to steam the bun and keep them warm instead of piling them on a plate to just get cold. He says this is his go to “party trick”. I can tell you, it works great. He also mentioned that he wraps his burgers in butcher paper for a similar result. This got me thinking, I’ve got burgers but no butcher paper… (It’s the middle of a pandemic people!). So I used the tinfoil method on my cheeseburgers. The “trick” which we coined as the triple T method (the tinfoil technique) delivers amazing results. I applied the Triple T Method with some inspiration form Alton Brown to create epic cheeseburgers with onions that are a pure home run. 

See you in another 2,000+ days? Who knows, crazy times. 

Yes Please!

What you will need 

6 Hamburger Buns

6 Hamburger parties (80/20 Chuck burger patties) 

2 large yellow onions

12 thick American Cheese slices – 2 per burger (I like Kraft deluxe slices)

Olive Oil 

Salt & Pepper

Tin Foil (Magic)

Chopped Onions

Start by peeling and chopping your onion. Here is good how to video from Gordon Ramsey on onion chopping that works perfect for this recipe. Next pour a few glugs of olive oil into a frying pan. Heat for 45 seconds and then add your onions. Add a few pinches of salt & pepper, stir until they begin to lightly brown. Remove from heat, set aside. 

Chuck Burger Patties 80/20

Get your hamburger patties out and add salt and pepper to each side. I use pre-formed hamburger patties that are 80/20 chuck. If you feel so inclined to make your own burger patties… Go for it! 

Preheat your grill for 5 minutes to get it nice and hot.

Bring to your grill the raw patties along with your already cooked onions a spoon, cheese, tinfoil and buns. Place each burger on the grill and cook for 3 – 5 minutes each side. Cook your burgers to your desired internal temp (rare to well done), your call. While your burgers cook cut 6, 1 foot by 1 foot squares of tin foil. One square for each burger. 

1′ X 1′ Tinfoil Square – You need 6 total

Once your burgers are cooked to your liking, here is where the magic begins. This is all about order and assembly. On top of a piece of tin foil place the bottom of your bun, then place one piece of American cheese, followed by a large spoonful of your cooled sautéed onions. Place a cooked burger patty on top followed by another spoonful or two of onions and another piece of American cheese and finally place the bun on top.

Wrap your burgers in tinfoil

Part 1 of the Magic Technique – Now move your burger to the center of the tinfoil and wrap the burger up tightly. Don’t squish the bread but wrap it up so there is no room for the burger to move around. Now place the wrapped burger in tinfoil back on the grill off to the side where there is no heat. Repeat for your remaining burgers.

Place the burgers back on the grill / Not over open flames

Part 2 of the magic – Once all of your burgers are wrapped in tinfoil place them all closer to the heat. Not directly over open flames. Close the grill top and let sit for 60 seconds. Now flip your burgers over, close the grill lid again and let them sit for another 60 seconds. Now remove your cheesy onion amazing burgers from the grill. Let them stand in the foil for about 3 minutes and then enjoy. PS – if you plan on having a second burger or have a late comer to your party, (following social distancing) don’t open the burgers until you’re ready to eat. Keep them hot. 

Let sit for 3 minutes

I prefer these as is off the grill, but some ketchup on the side is ok… if you must.

OH YEAH – Enjoy

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  1. T Kam says:

    I love this! Going to try it this weekend!

  2. Rich says:

    Glad you’re back!

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