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Growing up my Mom would ask me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would respond, “a Chef!” Well that’s not exactly how things turned out. I did manage a restaurant for several years before college, but that was a job not a passion!

Some of my best memories growing up took place in the kitchen with my Mom cooking. It was a place I could experiment and gain confidence. Learning how to season food correctly my Mom would ask “what does it need?” Today I continue to ask myself that very question, I even hear my Mom’s voice. I didn’t grow up to take on a career as a chef, but the time in the kitchen with my Mom fostered my passion for cooking and a love for great food. We’ve got to eat, it might as well be good!

These days as my wife and I do life together with our son, we love a good food adventure. When we travel, our plans are coordinated around food. Where are the best, most exotic or histroric restaurants and how do we get there? Weekends include searching for elusive ingredients and mastering new and old recipes.

Food is meant to be shared and I love nothing more than cooking for friends and family. My research and food adventures are usually in preparation for cooking a meal to be shared. That research and passion for sharing also includes what I share with you, my readers.

What else can I say, I’m a self described foodie! Erik Eats is a story of my life told through food.

Follow me on twitter – @erik_eats or facebook – You can email me at erikeatsblog@gmail.com

All text and photos © Erik Eats 2010 – 2011 except where otherwise noted


All text and photos © Erik Eats 2010 – 2011 except where otherwise noted

12 Comments Add yours

  1. woodswomen@aol.comy says:

    Very cool.

  2. don bosse says:

    Signing on, another foodie.

  3. Don – Glad you have joined!

  4. jose says:

    nice pizza men

    1. jose says:

      you are a great cooker erick and i want to be a great chef to

  5. Josh Harris says:

    Erik, I saw your youtube video on how to make restaurant quality pizza at home. I believe from the video you live in Houston. I’m a local pub owner and would like to pick your brain on how to make my pizza’s better. Let me know what you think. You can contact me at josh@frontporchpub.com. Cheers!

    1. Josh, glad I could help out. Keep me up to date on how the new pizzas are working out. Would love to see some pictures too. All the Best!

  6. Mark says:

    Liked your pizza video. Have you ever used a pressure cooker? I just bought one and really like it. Hoping to see you try a dish with a pressure cooker soon. Great site. Keep up the good work.

  7. Lawrence Manipol says:

    I don’t want to be a chef but I love to cook for everyone. I mean, I don’t want cooking to be my proffession but my life. I am only 14 and I live in a tropical country in asia. I don’t simply look for what’s missing, but I look for what more could I add. I love experimenting with food and I hope to see more videos from you soon!

  8. Anibal Muniz says:

    Thanks for the homemade pizza tips, but I have a question, My pizza tends to come out really greasy for some reason, what am I doing wrong?

  9. Jordan pereira says:

    dear sir can you give me italian pizza dough recipe

  10. Filip says:

    Hi Erik please, Could you tell me recipes about Pizza Dough please Thank you

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