Coffee Cake! Grandma’s of New England

I’m often reminded by my parents of a tantrum I threw as a child (I’m sure it was the only tantrum I threw as a young boy…right Mom?) I was overtired and didn’t want to go to bed one evening (That never happens with your kids, right?). The only excuse I could come up with for not going to bed, was that I must eat a coffee cake. I screamed and yelled lying in my bed, tears running down my cheeks and my voice shaking “I want a coffee cake!” Then I fell asleep. It was one of those events that I remember and my parents like to joke about today when I’m tired or in a bad mood. “Do you need a coffee cake Erik?”

Speaking of coffee cake – I received an email a few weeks ago from My Grandma’s of New England, a bakery in the New England area specializing in… you guessed it, coffee cake. They sent me a complimentary Original, cinnamon walnut Coffee Cake and an assortment of mini coffee cakes. After their arrival, my wife and I brewed some fresh coffee and dug in, a perfect Saturday morning. The first thing that we both noticed was how moist the coffee cake was. It was pretty shocking, considering it was a coffee cake that had been shipped to us from over a thousand miles away. There was a great amount of cinnamon and sugar covering the cake and lots of nuts. I brought a slice to work to let a coworker give it a try. Her response “delicious and moist”.

My Grandma’s of New England bakes each coffee cake to order, which I’m sure helps with the freshness of the cake. The large coffee cake will feed a big group. The cost of the large coffee cakes are about $30 plus shipping… which I thought was a little expensive. The smaller coffee cakes are less, and if you live near a reseller you don’t have to pay for shipping. The mini versions were also very good and didn’t seem to lose anything compared to the larger coffee cake. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the proportions right when you shrink baked goods.

My thought is that if you are looking for something different to send as a gift, a coffee cake from Grandma’s of New England would be perfect. If you live in the New England area, there are several places you can pick up a coffee cake and not have it shipped. Check Grandma’s website for details.

By clicking here – and ordering through this link you will receive $4 off of your order (which is pretty good value). For you social media addicts, you can follow Grandma’s on twitter or Facebook. Let me know if you have tried any coffee cakes from Grandma’s before? If you do go ahead and order one, I would love to hear your feedback.

I write all of this aboard a flight to Philly at 33k feet, so don’t be surprised if my next post has to do something with a cheesesteak. Pat’s or Geno’s?

While Grandma’s of New England provided me with a complimentary coffee cake. No monetary reward was given to me for writing this review.


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  1. I don’t think I have ever heard of them before and I’ve lived in New England all my life! They look pretty tasty. 🙂

    Kids come up with the strangest things. I could see my daughter coming up with that excuse. 😉

    1. When kids are tired, they will say anything.

  2. Jess says:

    We LOVE their coffee cake!!! So yummmy I need three “m”s to describe it! 🙂

    1. Jess – do you know of any spots in New England where you can pick up a Grandma’s coffee cake?

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