Trailer Food – Austin, Texas – Flip Happy Crepes

Did you know Austin, Texas is known for their trailer food? Gourmet food served out of food trucks and trailers. I had no idea until a friend of mine told me while I was in town on business. Trailer food or food served out of a kitchen on wheels, has become popular over the last few years. In Los Angeles, California gourmet food trucks are becoming all the rage. Talented chefs are giving up restaurant gigs to drive trucks and cook great food. Multiple food trucks or trailers will park together in one area creating a “trailer park.” Some of the food trucks serve appetizers, while others serve main courses and desert – perfect!

This Fall while in Austin, Texas I was able to grab some grub from several food trucks and trailers. These food trucks are not the sketchy looking taco trucks that might come to mind. I enjoyed trailer food from Torchy’s Tacos and Flip Happy Crepes. At Torchy’s Tacos I enjoyed a hand battered fried avocado taco.  Torchy’s Tacos were very good, but Flip Happy Crepes was outstanding!

At Flip Happy Crepes I enjoyed the Cuban – Shredded pork with cheddar cheese, pickles and tabasco sauce while my wife couldn’t say enough about her choice, Ham and gruyere cheese with green onions. My son enjoyed a Nutella roll-up. We had to try two sweet crepes, right? We went with a Banana’s Foster crepe and the Vanilla pastry cream with fresh berries and berry sauce. They were all absolutely delicious! There is a reason why Bobby Flay challenged the girls at Flip Happy Crepes to a Throwdown, because they really are the best of the best when it comes to crepes. If you are in Austin, Texas you have to go to Flip Happy Crepes. If you do, let us know what you think. I’m pretty sure you will find them outstanding too.

Ham & Gruyere – Really good, smooth! A little sprinkle of nutmeg made this crepe unique

Cuban – Shredded Pork & Cheddar – The pickles made it! Great texture

Vanilla pastry cream w/ fresh berries – Another Please!

Banana’s Foster

This was served as the sweet crepe in the Throwdown vs. Bobby Flay


– Flip Happy Crepes

– Torchy Tacos

Throwdown – Bobby Flay vs. Flip Happy Crepes


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  1. I have been wanting to go there but haven’t been anywhere near Austin in quite some time!! Aren’t the girls from Flip Happy Crepes from France?

    1. I spoke with them and they didn’t sound like they were from France. They were both very nice. Great food and really good service too.

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